Typical costs for your wedding. What should you expect ?


How Much Do Wedding Rings Cost?

The Price of Wedding Rings

Finding the perfect ring The wedding day is not a small occasion, and people look to purchase a ring that would be suitable for the occasion and would not fail to bring a smile on the face of their significant other. Being economical is good, but it should also be ensured that one does not […]


How Much Does a Bachelorette Party Cost?

How Much Will a Bachelorette Party Cost

Weddings are a pivotal part of people’s lives, especially the groom’s and bride’s. For them, it is a momentous step in the process of building a family. It signifies the couple’s love and commitment to each other which is reflected in the vows that they take and exhibits the faithfulness towards those vows later in […]


How Much Do Weddings in Las Vegas Cost?

Las Vegas Wedding Cost

Most people have casinos and and gambling in mind when thinking of Las Vegas, but the city is also a world known capital of weddings. Statistics show that over 100,000 marriage licenses are issued each year in Las Vegas alone. How much will a wedding in Las Vegas cost? If you’re just looking for a […]


How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?

Wedding Cake Price

If the big day is closing in and you want to get a wedding cake, then you need to know that the price will usually vary depending on multiple factors, like the geographic region you live in, the baker you employ, the type of cake you need and the number of guests you’re expecting. Here’s […]


How Much Does Wedding Calligraphy Cost?

Wedding Calligraphy Cost

Calligraphy is an advanced form of writing, seen all around us, especially at weddings, from table seating cards, to program booklets and wedding invitations. We call  calligraphers artists that can produce elegant scripts on all kinds of papers, by hand, and the more elaborate the writing the pricier it will get. How Much Will Calligraphy […]


How Much Do Wedding Shoes Cost ?

Wedding Shoes Cost

A bride’s shoes can vary widely from comfy ballet slippers to traditional white pumps, both in price and style. While some brides prefer crystal-adorned heels or Italian leather pumps, some brides go for jeweled flip-flops or barefoot. Buying the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day should not turn into a problem. There are […]


How Much Does a Wedding Dress Cost?


The perfect wedding dress represents, for brides, the ultimate search of that outfit that will valorize their body and personality on the wedding day. However, around the right wedding dress revolve many factors like time, budget, prejudices, different tastes, etc., which is why the decision may not be an easy one. As the most important […]


How Much Does A Wedding Planner Charge?


Wedding planners: How much do they charge and what are their services? Planning a wedding is a challenge for those without experience. In this domain you need organizational skills, business flair and strong negotiation techniques. Here, the role of the wedding planner comes into play. They provide a large scale of services, from planning your […]


How Much is a DJ for a Wedding?

Dj for a wedding

If you want a great wedding and the music is the last thing you need to book, you may ask yourself how much is a DJ for your wedding.  Mostly during dinner or reception, couples like to hire a deejay to enhance the atmosphere and make people feel great. You need to hire a professional […]


How Much Will A Divorce Cost?


In the US, the average cost of a divorce is around $15,000. The good part is that you can manage the cost of the divorce just like a household budget. With that in mind, when you plan your divorce, if you know you have valuables to protect, you should think about those first, and then […]