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How Much Does iKeybo Cost?

iKeybo Price

What Is iKeybo? iKeybo is a virtual keyboard that uses a laser to project the device on a solid surface. You must have seen several laser keyboards before, but this product is quite different from all others. It not only provides users with a device for typing, but it also allows them to make music […]

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How Much Does a Hot Air Balloon Cost?

Hot Air Balloon Price

Whether you want to start a balloon rental business or you’re a wealthy person and want to get one for entertainment purpose, you might be wondering how much does a hot air balloon cost. General information on hot air balloons Their first purpose was air travel. Hot air balloons were invented before airplanes and at […]


How Much Does a New Year’s Vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii Cost?

Honolulu New Year Trip Price

If you are looking forward to ushering in the New Year in the hub of nature, surrounded by beautiful sceneries in a warm and comfortable climate with plenty of beaches and activities to keep you occupied, Honolulu, Hawaii is a place that would prove to be the perfect option for you. Hawaii is located in […]


How Much Does a New Year’s Vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada Cost?

Las Vegas New Year Vacation

Most of us look forward to welcoming the New Year. The time is filled with a lot of anticipation since we don’t know what kind of experiences and lessons the coming year holds for us. This is the time when everyone is in the mood to celebrate. It is quite common for people to go […]


How Much Does a Christmas Vacation to Aspen Cost?

Trip to Aspen For Christmas Cost

Christmas is the time to forget about work, leave all the stress behind and just focus on having a good time with your loved ones. What better way could there be to do all of these than going on a trip? A vacation helps you to forget about all the stressful things inf your life, […]


How Much Does the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder Cost?

Hennessey Venom GT Spyder Price

There are some cars that manage to leave you speechless right from the moment you set your eyes on them. The new Hennessey Venom GT Spyder is a great example of such a car. This is one of those cars that can easily be deemed as one of the most electrifying cars in the world. […]


How Much Will Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Cost?

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagado Cost To Expect

The new Vanquish Zagato was revealed by Aston Martin recently. The car has quite a bit to offer and once you take a look at its design and the features that are part of the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato, you will be yearning to get your hands on the car and wish that it would […]


How Much Are The New Plug-in Hybrids From BMW?

330e BMW cost

BMW 225xe and BMW 330e are the newest plug-in hybrid models of the German manufacturer. After i8, the i3, X5 40e and 740e, the Germans from BMW continued to electrify their models range, by launching, in 2015 at Frankfurt Motor Show, the Plug-in Hybrid variants: BMW 225xe for Active Tourer Series 2 and BMW 330e […]


How Much Does a Tom Ford Perfume Cost?

Tom Ford Jardin Collection Cost

It is a fact that the Tom Ford fragrance will conquer you with its sensual essences. We’re also sure most people consider Tom Ford one of the most renowned designers of our time. The former creative director of Gucci and newer producer of the movie „A Single Man” has made a successful business from his […]


How Much Do The Most Expensive Materials Cost?

Most Expensive Materials

We are more or less aware of the price of a gram of gold, we know that is one of the most precious materials on Earth. But where would it be placed in a top of the most expensive materials in the world? You can see below which are these materials and what are their […]